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Alpha Wellness Sensations brings novelties and innovation in the relaxation field: steam bath, traditional and infrared sauna.


The exquisite design of our popular Elegance Sunbed. A piece of Jewelry in any Tanning Studio. The flat Bench makes entering and leaving the Sunbed easier. Elegance is suiteble for users with sensetive Skin and beginners who do not want to tan Full Power from the start. We have learned from our own experience that especially users want to Relax, without having to hurry, ask for Elegance. It consists of: ERS 100W lamps; optional hot air discharge system, double integrated turbo ventilation; two main colors: Diamond Silver an Rubin Red with a side finish of your choise; service trolley in the base; adjustable body cooler at the foot end, standard with basic control for connection to every opating station. 

Elegance Sunbeds - Advanced series

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The Following Biological effects are proven to be crucial to a normal functioning of our organism, and are today generally attributed to UV-radiation:
  • Stimulation of cell-metabolism
  • You get the majority of your required Vitamin D intake trough exposure to UV-light, so sunbeds can be used to treat problems such as psoriasis or Vitamin-D defiency
  • Improvement of your oxygen and increase of the haemoglobin level in our blood
  • Sunbeds are a controlled way to Tan and can provide approppriate levels of UV to ensure sufficient levels of Vitamin D are achieved and maintained
  • Tanning in Sunlight means the body can be subjected to differen levels of UV rays, depending on the time of the day, location in the world, mont of the year and so on. With a Sunbed, a tanning programme can be developed to ensure skin type and the type of sunbed being used, are taken into consideration to ensure that over exposure, including the possebillety of burning, is avoided.
  • First of all, sunbed tanning is quick and convenient, saves you spendig hours roasting on the beach to get the color you want, and gives you an even tan all over without Bikini marks or redness.
  Sunny Power is the most traditional tanning unit in the Alpha range. This tanning bed is ideal for private use. The compact form of this sun bed will fit most of the studio cabin sizes and is being produced in configurations of 24 lamps. Sunny power can be equipped with spaghetti lamps and/or high pressure facials, lamps with 100W. ERS optional for high-pressure versions. Standard availleble in 3 different colors: Silver, RAL9006, Dark Silver RAL 9007, and White RAL9010. Optionally one can choose between 9 RAL colours: 9005 Black, 5013 Coblat Blue, 5021 Dark Green, 6027 Turquoise, 1021 Yellow, 2008 Orange, 4003 Red, 4003 Violet, 9001 Cream-White.

  Alpha Sun Sunny - Power 0.3W/m²    Model 369412 Sunny Power Combination with 24 Tubes 100W and 5 Tubes Spaghetti 25WModel 369413 Sunny Power Combination with 24 Tubes (20X100W & 4X80W) and 1 Facial Lamp 400WStandard available in 3 RAL Colors9007 Aluminium Grey - 9006 Silver - 9010 WhiteOptions: Length Extension 15cm for Bed ans CanopyLonger Tubes 190cmPlastic Bodycooler BlueOther RAL Colors.  

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